Wednesday, September 7, 2016

World Brews - Dieselpunk Stout

Is it work drinking?  Yeh

Drinkablility: 7
Smoothness:  8
Bitterness:  2
Flavor:  5

I found this beer at the local supermarket for a whopping $7.50 for a six pack.  I was on the hunt for something new to try and this was one of those that I picked up.  The Dieselpunk Stout from World Brews is your normal stout.  It's heavy, dark, and pretty good.  Basically, everything you want in a stout beer.  It does have that stout bite to it but not so much that it makes it undrinkable.

I really like the can this beer came in and it's what attracted me to grab it off the shelf.  They have "Engineered for Taste" written on the side and I would agree with that.  It has a good stout flavor that isn't over powered.  It's smooth and creamy with a good roasted flavor with 5.8% ABV.

All in all, a decent stout for a decent price.  For more information on their beer visit:

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