Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Central State - Garden Leipzig Gose

Is it worth drinking? - Yeh

Drinkability: 7
Smoothness: 6
Flavor: 6
Bitterness: 0

This beer is pretty good, for all you sour/gose fans our there. Though I had higher hopes for this beer, advertised on the can as a Leipzig Gose with Lemon Peels, that is 100% Brett yeast brewed. It was a bit more tart than most gose's with a very slight hint of lemon. Overall making this not to different from most standard gose's out there. I don't have to much else to say on this one, I haven't tried anything else from Central State. I am interested in paying them a visit, and trying a couple flights/samples. They are a 100% Brett Brewery. Which means they use wild yeast in all their brews! Check more of them out here: Central State Website

P.S. My curious puppy wolfdog Anju, is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages! (Shes not old enough!)

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