Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hudepohl - Pure Lager

Is it worth drinking? YES!

Drinkability: 7
Smoothness: 7
Bitterness: 3
Flavor: 9

This is a great beer. For any Lager fans out there I suggest that you try it asap. This classic recipe of German origins, represents an original lager, in which we don't taste of to much around here. It has a very different flavor that is very hard to describe, but it is excellent! The closest resemblence to me (very personally) is Warsteiner dunkel, it has a similar flavor, but is lighter in color. This beer is brewed in Cincinnati, Ohio so if you have a chance to trade or stop in to get some I would suggest it.

Thanks to my friend Nathan Moreland for this hookup from ohio!

More information on Hudepohl can be found here.
Hudepohl - Wikipedia

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