Friday, August 12, 2016

Tallgrass Brewing Company, Key Lime Pie

Is it worth drinking? YES!

Drinkability: 10
Smoothness: 8
Bitterness: 3
Flavor: 10

Tallgrass brewing released an Explorer Series beer dubbed "Key Lime Pie" for the months of July and August.

You'll want to at least try this, if you can while it lasts. Im not going to spend time going off into fruit beer land, and my opinions on fruit beer. If you like a real key lime pie, then you MUST try this beer.

This beer, has a very pungent lime smell, as well as flavor. It tastes just about as close to the real thing as you can get, for a beer.  Its light and refreshing, while still at 7.5% abv. What is most surprising is that the finish, actually tastes of graham cracker crust, THIS IS SOME SERIOUS AMAZING VOODOO DONE BY THE BREWMASTER. Im not lying it really has a graham cracker finish that is absolutely fucking amazing!! To put it simple, it tastes just like a damn key lime pie melted in your glass. THIS IS NOT BUDLIGHT LIME!!!

This beer would go well with barbecue, however I don't think that it would compliment much else as a main course, but better off as desert beer. The 5 glasses I had over the period of a week at my favorite local pub, (I realize that makes me sound like an alcoholic, I'm not I promise!) I had just been sampling beers, and then finishing off the night before I left with yet... another key lime pie. Having several in a row could probably get exhausting, and smaller amounts (my pub served it in 10oz pours) are a good idea, as while the beer warms up it loses some of its appeal, and is not too much to make you not want another. My only suggestion, which is mostly a personal idea, would be for the brewery to test a batch on nitro to see if the added smoothness would compliment the liquid pie illusion.

Its good thing its not on a regular rotation or this stuff would sell out like REDD's, Angry Orchard & Stella Cidre, and make us all feel like girly men for drinking it (No offense ladies, this beer is for you too!)

Link from the brewery, with more tech specs including the lemon-lime'ish Japanese hops that are used

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