Friday, August 12, 2016

Introduction / Philosophy / Rating Scale

This is blog is created to review beers tried from brewing companies in the midwestern region. Specifically from an "average joe" point of view, without using fancy beer snob language, or egotistical remarks. Here to answer the question, "Is it worth drinking?". Because we all want to know whether or not we are going to like a beer, before dropping $15 on a 6er. So if this helps you understand if your'e going to like a good craft beer before spending that $15 on a 18pk of budlight tallboys instead, this will be a good page for you.

I want to be straight to the point, answer the question is it worth drinking?, and the provide some minor details of the flavor, and a small description so you will know whether or not it will interest you to try it.

PS, Please drink responsibly, and do not ever drive or operate machinery while doing so, or intoxicated. In any of the aforementioned cases, "It is not worth drinking!"

Here is our scale:

YES! - You'll want to drink all of it you possibly can right away, make sure you have a DD.

Yes! - Very good, might be your new favorite.

yeh - Good, but not the greatest thing in the world, different from others of its kind, but nothing to get super excited about.

meh - Alright, but not set aside from others of its particular flavor. You can probably find multitudes of similar beers, side by side at the store.

neh -  not that good, probably not worth the money.

NO! - NO! just don't do it, don't even think about it.

PISS- worse than no, tastes like urine in a can, or bottle, probably keystone light, or natty ice, or boooooooooosh light, in a camouflage can.

1 = Less, 10 = More

So if a beers drinkability is 1, that means is probably harder to chug than a soda, its better to sip it. But if a beer drinkability is 10, then its probably so easy to drink you might finish off a growler.

Same for all the other values, 1 being less bitter, 10 being HOPPED OUT OMG!!

Flavor, 1 is bad, flavor 10 is good etc.

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