Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pigeon Hill, Oatmeal Creme Pie

Is it worth drinking? YES!

Drinkability: 10
Smoothness: 10
Bitterness: 0
Flavor: 10

Pigeon Hill Brewing Company, located in Muskegon Michigan is a pleasant brewery, with many wonderful tastes. One in particular is oatmeal cream pie also known commonly as (O.C.P). Much like my last post on the Tallgrass - Key Lime Pie, this beer is way of the beaten path, and like nothing else that is on the market today. This is said to be a result of one of the brewmasters wives challenging him to create a beer that tasted like and oatmeal cream pie for her, and let me tell you, he delivered!

Based on information on their website and local publication, the ingredients are mainly oats, marsh mellow fluff, cinnamon, and secret brewmaster sorcery of brewmaster Joel Kamp. This beer comes from the tap in either nitro, or carbon, and I have had the pleasure of trying both. This beer is much smoother on nitro, and adds to the namesake with fluffy creamy head. The standard carbonation is not as good and a little harsh on the flavor however this is the most efficient method for the small brewery to deliver the yummy goodness of this beer in cans, and growlers. My initial response after drinking this beer was "Holy shit man, this tastes just like an oatmeal cream pie!" as I took the first drink, the finish was of seasoned oats and cinnamon. At the time of my tasting, I was with a friend that is from the southwestern Michigan area, but had not tried the O.C.P. and her reaction to the beer was the same. It was so good we each took a growler back home to our southwestern Indiana residence. I have a few friends that frequent the area, and I have them bring me back a six pack nearly every time since the pigeon hill brewery does not distribute to my area at this time.

If you are ever in the Muskegon area, NEED to try this beer! I wish that I had more time to taste more from this brewery. If they are as creative with the rest of their brews as they are with this one, then "Skeeter on my wheater" "LMFAO stout" and "Hoppy Kamper" are probably just as unique and delicious! This is a beer all beer drinkers will enjoy, from craft lovers to bud light regulars.

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