Sunday, August 21, 2016

Petoskey Brewing, Cranium Crush - Raspberry Waffle Cone Cream Ale

Is it worth drinking? Yes!

Drinkability: 10
Smoothness: 8
Bitterness: 0
Flavor: 8

So while i'm on a kick of some very crafted specialty beers with odd flavors that you would never guess could be a delicious beer, ill write about the Cranium Crush - Raspberry Waffle Cone Cream Ale. Brewed by Petoskey Brewing company from Petoskey, Michigan.  This very smooth cream ale lives up to its name. While the flavor is not as bold as the last 2 beers I have spoken about, it is still very good and lives up to the name.

This beer is a great cream ale for any cream ale drinker. While I personally am a fan of cream ales, I believe that they do have their own spectrum. This one drinks like a cream soda, with a light raspberry top note, and a waffle cone finish. The raspberry is not heavy (like a raspberry lambic), nor is the waffle cone flavor. There is just the right amount of each to fancy your taste buds. The process as described by the brewery is that actual waffle cone is added to the mash, and fresh raspberries are added during fermentation. This recipe makes for an excellent desert beer, but could probably go well with pizza. Petoskey distributes in all of Michigan, so if your visiting or in the state you should check this beer out. 

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