Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Black Acre - Saucy Intruder IPA

Is it worth drinking? yeh

Drinkability: 8
Smoothness: 6
Bitterness: 7
Flavor: 7

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Black Acre, Saucy Intruder IPA has an edge on the competition with a citrus flavor, and aroma. Its a well balanced IPA, and an excellent concoction for their one, and only IPA(smart move in my opinion, allowing them to focus on other unique offerings). If IPA's are your thing you will enjoy this beer!

WARNING: Personal IPA rant ahead!

Most companies are trying to set themselves apart with a distinct flavor of IPA, mostly because thats what is popular right now, but with so many it's very hard to be "distinct". Some breweries offer several IPA's in their lineup, so I gave it a yeh, based on the simple fact that the market is, and ill say it again, really flooded with IPA's, and many are citra hopped or citrus flavored. What sets this one apart from the rest, is a citrus flavor from the rye malt, and falconers flight hops. I had to get a bit technical there because knowing what the ingredients for an IPA are, is about the only thing that will set IPA's apart from one another due to the fact that there are so many.  I would highly recommend trying out anything that black acre brews aside from saucy intruder, as I have yet to be disappointed with anything that comes out of their facility. The Natural Liberty Lager, and Cherry Ol' Fritz Berliner Weisse Tart are excellent choices! Next time I am in their neck of the woods I'm very excited to try their collaboration with Triton Brewing Company, "Sassy Pants" Kettle Sour Farmhouse Ale.

For more information on this amazing Indiana Brewery check: blackacrebrewing.com

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