Wednesday, September 14, 2016

World Brews - Dieselpunk Pilsner

World Brews - Dieselpunk Pilsner 

Is it work drinking?  Yeh

Drinkablility: 7
Smoothness:  8
Bitterness:  1
Flavor:  4

Another in my cheap beer series.  I picked up this one at the store when I got their Stout.  I haven't had very many true pilsner beers.  When I grabbed this off the self I thought to myself, "Self, I hope this doesn't taste like Budweiser or something even worse."  I couldn't have been more mistaken.  According to Wikipedia, "A modern pilsner has a very light, clear color from pale to golden yellow and a distinct hop aroma and flavor. The alcohol strength is typically around 4.5%-5% (by volume)"  This Dieselpunk Pilsner has all of those qualities. The hops weren't overpowering and didn't make it bitter. 

I was pleasantly surprised with this brew, especially when you consider the under $7 price point. If you find this in the store, grab a sixer and enjoy!

For more information on World Brews, visit their website.

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