Friday, September 16, 2016

Terre Haute Brewing Company - Carp Slayer Pale Ale

Is it worth drinking? YES!

Drinkability: 8
Smoothness: 8
Bitterness: 5
Flavor: 10

Im excited to review the Terre Haute Brewing Companies, Carp Slayer Pale Ale. This is mostly because I'm super excited that my home town now has a brewing company! Again... for the 3rd time.. I think it will be different this time around as it has some great, young, and enthusiastic beer practitioners behind it. Ill get to the details of the brewing company later in this write up if your interested.

As for the flavor, just take my word for it, its good! I don't really know how to describe it. It looks like a standard pale ale, however the flavor is nothing like I have ever tried before. I wrote this review, and sat on in for nearly a month trying to think of ways to describe the flavor to the masses. I also tried it with friends, and their take on it is the same as mine. The top note is slightly bitter like an IPA, but the body is medium, its not harsh, and very drinkable. The finish is of citrus and slightly earthy, this is incredibly hard to describe but, incredibly delicious! As of the time of this writing the Terre Haute Brewing Company's beers are only available at the brewhouse/taproom/brewpub. I'm not sure what the plans are for the immediate future as far as distribution, but the taproom is well worth a trip.

If you are in the area of eastern Indiana, we are roughly 70 miles southwest of Indianapolis, along I-70, please come check out this brewery. You will not be disappointed. This brewery has been in the region for over 100 years, and was at one time one of the largest breweries in America. It is famed for the creation of Champagne Velvet beer, before the Upland Brewing Company acquisition. The second time it opened it started brewing the Champagne Velvet beer again, along with several other beers, named according to their flavor. The single owner, single brewer company struggled, and eventually closed. Now its back, and in full force with an excellent team, and modern mindset with the previous owner involved, and backing it up! Please read more at

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