Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kennebunkport Brewing Company - Pumpkin Ale

Is it worth drinking? yeh

Drinkability: 9
Smoothness: 5
Bitterness: 1
Flavor: 7

Kennebunkport Brewing Companies, seasonal pumpkin ale is pretty good! While not your typical pumpkin spice latte, or whatever all the white girls are drinking these days (No offense, please, i'm using that as a pop culture reference.) It's a pretty good pumpkin flavored ale. It has hints of cinnamon, which is always a nice accent in pumpkin flavored anything. I am a fan of pumpkin flavored things, and if you are as well then you will enjoy this beer. Although its not a midwestern beer (Maine), I decided to do a write up on it because its on the shelves here in Indiana, and it was given to me by my Mom (Yes she fits the pop culture reference). Its good for a seasonal get together, as its price point isn't bad.

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