Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Elevator Brewing Company - Dark Force Lager

Is it worth drinking? Yes!

Drinkability: 8
Smoothness: 7
Bitterness: 3
Flavor: 8

Elevator Brewing Company from Columbus, Ohio has put together a fantastic dark lager they originally called Dark Horse, but later changed to Dark Force (Im not sure why, but I would be that it has something to do with Dark Horse Brewing Company). This lager has an excellent taste! It is darker in color, and has a slightly hoppy top note, with a pretty standard lager finish. The brewing company describes the color as a dark copper, which holds to be true, but it drinks like a lager, so if your'e not a dark beer fan don't let that scare you. This is a great all year around beer provided by Elevator Brewing Company. This is the first of their beers that I have tried, and I will be trying more!

On a side not it was a bronze medal winner, out of 2,832 contestants at the Great American Beer festival in 2007! I can see why, this beer is definitely worth trying.

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