Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Terre Haute Brewing Company - Stiffy Green IPA

Is it worth drinking? Yes!
Drinkability: 8
Smoothness: 6
Bitterness: 5
Flavor: 8

Terre Haute Brewing Company has released their official (Non test batch) IPA called Stiffy Green. If you are a pale ale fan, you will like this beer. If you only like IPA's that are over hop level 9000, this won't be for you. This was a joy for me, because as I am slightly burnt out on IPA's and tired of many of them tasting so similar. This one is super smooth, and not over the top with hops and bitterness. I was delighted at how drinkable, and flavorful it is. It tastes like a good pale ale, only with a slightly more hoppy aroma, and hoppy finish. This is a perfect beer for anyone that is starting an adventure into IPA's, and starting to develop flavor for hops, and bitterness. It is also great for people like me that are kind burnt out on the "Hopped Out OMG Level 5000000 IPA" being the only IPA's available at the pub. This is a straight forward classic IPA that everyone can enjoy. Good work THBC!

For those of you interested "Stiffy Green" is a local legend here in Terre Haute. It is a concrete bulldog that was a favorite of a local man (pictured left). Once the man died the concrete bulldog was placed inside his mausoleum. The dog had green marbled eyes, and obviously being concrete it was"Stiff". Locals would take others into the cemetery at night, and tell stories followed by shining a flashlight into the mausoleum to see the green reflection of Stiffy's eyes shine back, and scare the person they where telling stories to. This gave rise to many other legends about Stiffy, but that is main, and truthful story. He was Stiff, and had green eyes, so "Stiffy Green" stuck.

The guys at THBC have turned this into a great marketing idea. While they have shirts with the logo seen on the tag hanging from the growler in the picture above. The rear of the shirts say "Get a Stiffy". This is hilariously awesome, and very creative. Many craft breweries are coming up with fun names, and silly one liners to go with them, and this one is perfect.

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